Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Peace On Earth

by RmOlano

The following paragraph was taken from my email response to a Brother from Brazil. I pasted it in here to give the readers one of the reasons and an idea of why even a great concept such Freemasonry is facing tremendous resistance world-wide. In an article "Universal Masonry," the Past Grand Master Hahn was quoted about the notion of a better world through the influence of our Craft. The concept was grand and I support it however, the reality where the whole world would embrace the our system and live in a "Masonic world" is unfortunately will continue to be a nebulous dream:

" As one of the world oldest and largest fraternity, our Craft comes in multitude of flavors. This is the result of being a part of an "independently operated and owned" units. As you already know that there is no single world-wide governing body which could actively enforce rules or standards. Each Grand Lodge reign supreme in their own territory and no one can dispute its decisions. A Grand Lodge can declare blue as black or orange as yellow and there is nothing other Grand Lodge can do to change that decision except to withdraw its recognition. Breaking off fraternal relations and ordering individual Lodges to cease visitation and communication is not consistent in keeping harmony within the temple but at times the only way to disassociate one opinion from the other."

Even our Craft has its own problems. Peace on this earth will come when everyone living on the planet decided to bring it about. Individual governments, world organizations, religious bodies or even a concept as great as Freemasonry does not have the power to convince mankind the insanity of hurting each other. As long as man is walking on the face of this earth, man will continue to display this weakness or fault. We cannot help it simply because we are mortals and not gods. Various religious dogmas are clear about the prerequisites for entering a place with different names as Christians known it as Heaven. Depending which belief you are subscribing, the requirements could be as easy as just "believing in Him" or carrying out deadly tasks in behalf of religious order. Then there is another hard way --- by trying to live as a better man, to practice a moral science known as Freemasonry. Work not just Faith. Master Masons often heard the words "all perfect, glorious, and celestial Lodge above, where the Supreme Grand Master of the Universe forever presides." This is where my Brethren, we will find the real Peace.

*** May your days be merry and bright --- Happy Holidays ***



eddie-4 said...

I'm glade that some one is saying this. I only wish I thought of it first. There is a god in all of us. WE have to remember Him in our prays. I should of stayed in the group. I now feel sorry that I deleated out. I will agin try to come back. As brother's I felt pretty low. My wife has been in and out of the hosiptol. She had a stroke two day's ago . Please remember her in yuor pary's . Thank's a lot and I hope every body out there is OK. Have a Blesed X-MAS. And of corse a HAPPY NEW YEAR. EDDIE.

ApoM said...

Bro Eddie,
In behalf of the Brethren of the Craft regardless of affiliations and jurisdictions, we again extend our right hand in token of continuance of Brotherly Love. We wish you and especially your wife a smoother journey through rough and rugged road we call life. Good Tidings to you and all your love ones.
As to a response to the article---So Mote It Be.